Just like life -

Just like life - "Sweet + Savory"

It's Undeniably Irresistible.

It's a Doughnut Sandwich, or as we call it, a DOUGHWICH!

You have to Taste it to Believe it!

Jeremy is a long-time Venice local and a gourmet chef in his own right. His homemade soups and not-so-typical sandwiches were an idea born in his own kitchen.  His fare, loved by so many, moved it's way up to the Venice Beach Boardwalk; to finally be shared with the public!

At Trashy Gourmet you can expect to taste the color of Venice - unpredictable, sweet, savory and a little edgy.  It will have you coming back for more.


 Please call with questions and to inquire about the type of soup being offered.  Soup is weather conditional.  

Phone:  +1(310) 968-0409

We offer SourDough bread that can be used in place of the Doughnut if you choose.  If it is your first time, you should really try it with a Doughnut.  Trust me, you'll love it!


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